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Why Study In India?

Every 7th doctor in the US is an Indian.
India is the IT and Pharmaceutical capital of the world.
India's higher education system is 3rd largest in the world.
The 2nd Largest pool of Engineers and Scientists is from India.
India is Home to the top fortune 500 Companies. Prominent companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Adobe, IBM, Mastercard etc.

About Us

Central India’s Pre-Eminent Centre for Health-Care Education and Multi-disciplinary Higher Education.

Located in Sawangi-Meghe (Wardha) about 80km away from Nagpur (Maharashtra), Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education & Research (DMIHER) [ Deemed to be University]) is an excellent place for pursuing academic excellence in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, Pharmacy, Allied Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Epidemiology through graduate, postgraduate & research fellowships & PhD programs. Integrated Post-graduate and PG Diploma courses are also available in other disciplines of higher learning viz. Management and humanities.

Besides on-campus learning, DMIHER has also transitioned to imparting External Education through Online Distance Learning and Virtual Learning. Continuing Professional Education courses are also offered providing broad access to DMIHER’ constantly evolving body of knowledge & expertise both In-Person & through online Expert Programs.

Nestled in the heartland of India, this sprawling 125-acre campus affords the tranquillity of a quiet rural ambience with the advantages of well-connected urban locales in Wardha and neighbouring cities. The University is a self-sustaining complex, well-connected by road, rail, and air (via Nagpur) to all the major cities in the country.

Rail Connectivity: Wardha Junction Railway station is 2.4km away from Sawangi while Sewagram Junction Railway station is 6.4km away.

Road Connectivity: Wardha City is also well connected to the major cities viz. Nagpur, Pune and Hyderabad through Highways and trunk roads. Wardha is located on the Maharashtra State Highway 255 connecting Nagpur and its other satellite districts. It also connects the MSH-3 at Seloo. Wardha is also connected to the Trunk roads on the Varanasi-Nagpur-Hyderabad-Bangalore-Kanyakumari Highway. Besides private taxis, State Buses and Volvo Buses are also popular modes of public transport.

Air Connectivity: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is 77.80km distant from Sawangi.

Recognition & Rewards

DMIHER was granted the status of a Deemed to be University, by the University Grants Commission on 24th May 2005. It has also been included in the list of Deemed to be University under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956. As a torchbearer of excellence in higher education in this region, the University has been relentlessly strengthening its credentials from Accrediting and Regular bodies of the country. The University is also acclaimed for its quality education & research publications and has secured many eminent awards.


Admission Process & Information

Application Submission

Candidate must fill out the Application Form & submit

Eligibility Check

University will check the eligibility and process offer/acceptance letter

Payment Process

Offered students can make the payment of the One-time university/enrollment fee and send the proof of payment

Provisional Admission

A Provisional Admission/Acceptance Letter & Visa Letter will be issued

Campus Facilities

Auditoriums / Seminar
Call Center
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Why Choose DMIHER(DU)?

1800+ Bedded Super Speciality Teaching Hospital
Multicuisine mess and restaurants
Multi-gym facility within Campus
125+ Acre land: Lush Green with Green Campus
30+ Years of delivering qualified graduates in India and global healthcare Systems
New Gen IEDC(Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre)
Truly Global Organization: 8000+ Postgraduates & graduates are practicing in more than 25+ countries in the Healthcare system
Virtual Education through School of Virtual Learning
100+ National and International Collaborations.
University NIRF Rank 39
Placement and Internship Support
Updated curriculum based on latest Industry Trends.


Ms. Ogiza palma charles mamur

BSc - Clinical nutrition and dietetics

South Sudan

"It is my immense luck and fortune to be part of DMIHER(DU) where l can grow. Being a global university it gave me an opportunity to meet a different kind of people. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future. My one and half years at DMIHER have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to the outside. Huge respect, love, and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It's their efforts that make me count myself in to better."

Ms. Induni nayodhara weerarathna

B.Sc- Biomedical Sciences

Sri Lanka

I am induni nayodhara weerarathna an international student of DMIHER(DU). I came from one of the most beautiful islands, Sri Lanka. I'm doing biomedical sciences. As a student who came through a scholarship program my university experience was truly life-changing and I would be able to pursue my dream of becoming a scientist. The program itself was rigorous and challenging but incredibly rewarding. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in the biological sciences and emphasizes critical thinking and research work. We can get practical knowledge from the first semester. Overall my university experience as an international student was truly transformative both academically and personally. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dreams and would highly recommend this university to anyone with a passion for the life sciences.
Thank you"

Mr. Moses Makuei

B.Tech- Computer Science and Design

South Sudan

"Before making a decision, especially about our careers, there is often that anxiety that we face, at first we aren't sure whether really the career or the university we are joining is what we really want.

I was there, and it was a tough dilemma for me too but after I chose DMIHER(DU) and got here, it was more than I expected. The university fosters a good learning environment where you can grow both mentally and professionally. The people around are also very hospitable and as an international student, that's more or less a factor one cannot simply overlook. Therefore, given my experience as an example, I am certain that joining us here is a decision you will not regret. "

Mr. John Michael Ginni

B.Sc - Cardiovascular Technology


"My name is John Michael Ginni from Tanzania, I have been placed at DMIHER(DU) as my first choice in the academic year 2022-2023 by SII for the faculty of Bsc in cardiovascular technology. Now I feel extremely valuable to developing a career in this domain. I am grateful to my branch and faculty because it includes practice learning skills that shape me into my insight and becoming a better person. The opportunity provided to me by the placement cell is fruitful to help gauge my understanding of the overall interview through the PRAGATI Exam which I tackled better. I am grateful for the college and respective faculty support. Thank you for providing me with these unexpected dreams and experiences"

Ms. Anushka Bhagat

B.Sc - Nursing


"Namaste, I am Anushka Bhagat, a nursing student, currently studying in SRMMCON at DMIHER(DU). I come from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu City. The opportunity to be a part of DMIHER came very out of blue to me and I accepted it with open arms. The college truly is best for nursing training as we have hands-on experiences directly through hospital postings right from the 1st semester. I have always had a keen interest in medicine and patient well-being. This college provides attractive placements and also foreign opportunities which was a plus point for me. This place is perfect for self-development and I assure you the journey may have its highs and lows but it will be worth it."

Mr. Austin Phiri

B.Sc- Medical and Radiology Imaging Technology


"A brief experience as a student at DMIHER(DU), from the word "Go" after getting the prestigious opportunity to study at DMIHER(DU), the college has been so supportive to make sure I am here. The new college, new environment, new friends, and new life are so exciting because I found people who are so friendly, have good hospitality, and make life great. The college has what it takes for me to get the best experience of education. With classes that are a learner-oriented teaching approach, having all the best necessary technology for modern education delivery, e.g. Virtual learning, Anatomy lab, and hands-on experience at the highly advanced tertiary level hospitality. Extracurricular activities are part of academic refreshing and energizing breezes, having all kinds of sports activities like cricket, soccer, volleyball, kabaddi, etc but I play soccer. Indoor activities like stand-up comedy, music, and dance performances are just so amazing. Am so excited to be part of this prestigious college, DMIHER, Learn and Lead."